Cuenca is declared since 1996 a World Heritage City by UNESCO. To the excellent preservation of its ancient part; medieval fortresses, palaces, monasteries… joins a unique enclave where the harmony between nature and architecture makes from Cuenca a unique city to visit and get to know.

Its rich historical and cultural heritage has been enriched and complemented with the linking with the city of some of the finest contemporary artists, especially those belonging to the group of El Paso (Saura, Chirino, Rivera, Milares…) which along with others like Torner or Zobel left in Cuenca a magnificent legacy that today gives life to the walls, cloisters and vaults of palaces and monasteries prepared as unique exhibition halls.

The city is also the gateway to the Serranía de Cuenca, which keeps between the crags, canyons and hidden valleys, in addition to the already famous Enchanted City or birth of the Cuervo River, many natural treasures still unknown to mass tourism.

Gastronomy is one of the best exponents of the Castilian cuisine but without renouncing dishes and unique creations of the Cuenca cuisine such as morteruelo, zarajos, the “resoli”, the alajú…

Cuenca is also rich in festivals and traditions such as San Mateo in September, the Feria de San Julian in August or its unique Holy Week declared of International Tourist Interest.

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